Not a Care in the World

Have you ever been unfairly mistreated, misunderstood, or misjudged?  When this happens, it can really take the wind out of your sail.  The Bible gives us a number of examples to help us rise above the hurt and live healed & free.  Take Joseph — who after a life of mistreatment by family, friends, and bosses — reached his destiny free from bitterness and regret.  His father, Jacob described Joseph in Genesis 49:23-24. “Archers attacked him savagely; they shot at him and harassed him. Yet (through it all),  Joseph kept his bow taut and his arms strengthened by the hands of God.”

David, too, had lots of experience being misjudged & mistreated by those closest to him.  Though innocent, David was on the run like a fugitive when he penned Psalm 26.  In that Psalm, he makes an number of wise resolutions that helped him remain calm through it all.  In the closing verse 12, I can almost hear David take big breath, sigh and announce,  “I now stand on solid ground!  I will publicly praise the Lord.”  “Solid ground” comes from a Hebrew word mishore.  The term conveys the idea of a place where one has a high, commanding view.  Because David chose to look at his circumstances through God’s broad perspective, he was able to remain as calm as a cucumber.  Not a care in the world!

The majority of people on planet earth, when hurt unfairly, view life from a deep gorge where they are shut in on all sides.  Many live with ulcers, anxiety, sleepless nights, and inner turmoil.  If that describes you, dear friend, try doing what David, Joseph, and even, Jesus did when they were mistreated.  Step up to God’s level place and take a gander at the bigger picture.  Prayerfully hand over the hurt to Him and let His peace flood your soul today.