For the sake of the children!


About 7 years ago, I stepped back into the field of education and immediately recognized a radical change in this generation of children.  Many sound like  “little adults” speaking the jargon of  Oprah philosophy…sorting through deep emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and fear.   They are tech savvy, extremely busy, and exhausted in this fast paced world.   In a word, they are so SERIOUS.

As a parent, grandparent, and educator, I implore you to guard your child’s innocence.

  • Keep life simple.
  • Lavish them with praise, encouragement, and love.
  • Guide them through struggles by taking the extra time to help them learn empathy, respect, honesty, honor,…
  • Take them to church on a regular basis.
  • Don’t rescue them from challenges and hard work — but be present to advise, aid, and encourage them along when times get tough.
  • Pray for them AND with them.
  • Laugh & play together.
  • Set boundaries – learn to say “no” and mean it.
  • Be their parent, not their friend.

I’m not saying anything new — but these truths need to be shouted from the rooftops.  Our children have been born at a difficult, yet privledged time in history.   We can stop the trend of raising a generation of emotional & spiritual anemics.  Slow down and make the most of every day opportunities.  LOVE your children the way God (not the world) intends you to.

What Your Husband Needs Most

Kevin jokes that he’s like a cactus. He only needs a little water and care.  Funny guy!  Truth is…he’s more like a succulent plant that needs gentle misting and constant care.  He’s worth it though. After all, he’s God’s boy and deserves all the love and help I have to share.  He’s my #1 ministry – above kids, church, work.

Well, this morning I woke up with an urgency to pray more FOR Kevin, not just WITH Kevin.  God reminding me how I can get so busy doing things for Kevin, that I neglect what will help him most.  And, so, I prayed that he would…

  • Grow in his love and revelation for Jesus
  • Live in God’s plan – full of faith, obedient.
  • Cooperate with the Holy Spirit – humble, teachable, discerning.
  • Lead with wisdom, grace, integrity.
  • Be fruitful in all his labor
  • Trust God enough to dream bigger dreams.
  • Be healthy, strong, youthful, and energitic.
  • Enjoy fulfilling relationships – marriage, family, friends.
  • Have fun!  Laugh. Be happy.

If you aren’t praying for your husband, who will?  Cover him with God’s presence.  Speak God’s word over his life.  Fight the good fight of faith with the prophetic words God has given him.   Your prayers will have a huge impact on your man.  God will move his insurmountable mountains.  And, God will answer the smallest needs with pin point accuracy.

Pray about everything.  With grateful hearts, offer up your prayers and requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

Not a Care in the World

Have you ever been unfairly mistreated, misunderstood, or misjudged?  When this happens, it can really take the wind out of your sail.  The Bible gives us a number of examples to help us rise above the hurt and live healed & free.  Take Joseph — who after a life of mistreatment by family, friends, and bosses — reached his destiny free from bitterness and regret.  His father, Jacob described Joseph in Genesis 49:23-24. “Archers attacked him savagely; they shot at him and harassed him. Yet (through it all),  Joseph kept his bow taut and his arms strengthened by the hands of God.”

David, too, had lots of experience being misjudged & mistreated by those closest to him.  Though innocent, David was on the run like a fugitive when he penned Psalm 26.  In that Psalm, he makes an number of wise resolutions that helped him remain calm through it all.  In the closing verse 12, I can almost hear David take big breath, sigh and announce,  “I now stand on solid ground!  I will publicly praise the Lord.”  “Solid ground” comes from a Hebrew word mishore.  The term conveys the idea of a place where one has a high, commanding view.  Because David chose to look at his circumstances through God’s broad perspective, he was able to remain as calm as a cucumber.  Not a care in the world!

The majority of people on planet earth, when hurt unfairly, view life from a deep gorge where they are shut in on all sides.  Many live with ulcers, anxiety, sleepless nights, and inner turmoil.  If that describes you, dear friend, try doing what David, Joseph, and even, Jesus did when they were mistreated.  Step up to God’s level place and take a gander at the bigger picture.  Prayerfully hand over the hurt to Him and let His peace flood your soul today.